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Argument Mandatory Description Format
addresses no List of addresses to send the orders from array
transfers yes List of wallet RPC orders array
changeAddress no Address to send unused amount of inputs string
fee no Network fee uint64
anonymity no Anonymity level uint32
extra no Extra information for transaction string
paymentId no Payment ID for transaction string
unlockTime no Unlock time for transaction uint64


Argument Description Format
transactionHash Transaction hash of the sent transaction string


Replace "your_password" and "TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa" in examples with real values from wallet daemon. Password is specified on command-line of wallet daemon, it is not returned by any API method for security reasons. You can get list of valid wallet addresses using getAddresses method.

Replace "TA4hZYd77tqhHnjXxmq7GvZpPZSSx8CthWy9ZufqF8kjZBBN1WAg38uGLihKnLUKTgHC7qSoM5yWneVsyCdkrL6L1mgAuuuM2" with the wallet address of the recipient.

amount and fee fields are in atomic units.

You can add multiple recipients separated with comma, each enclosed between { and }.

You only need to specify changeAddress if you use multiple addresses to send the funds or if addresses list is empty and wallet file contains multiple addresses.


  • curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json-rpc' -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "sendTransaction", "password": "your_password", "params": {"anonymity": 0, "addresses": ["TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa"], "transfers": [{"address": "TA4hZYd77tqhHnjXxmq7GvZpPZSSx8CthWy9ZufqF8kjZBBN1WAg38uGLihKnLUKTgHC7qSoM5yWneVsyCdkrL6L1mgAuuuM2", "amount": 100}], "fee": 1}, "id": "1"}'