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Argument Mandatory Description Format


Argument Description Format
status Status of the request, "OK" if successful string
height Blockchain height uint64
difficulty Difficulty of latest block uint64
tx_count Cumulative number of transactions since genesis block uint64
tx_pool_size Number of unconfirmed transactions in pool uint64
alt_blocks_count Number of blocks in alternate chains uint64
outgoing_connections_count Number of outgoing connections uint64
incoming_connections_count Number of incoming connections uint64
white_peerlist_size Number of peers in white list uint64
grey_peerlist_size Number of peers in grey list uint64
last_known_block_index Last known block index uint32
network_height Remote network blockchain height uint32
hashrate Estimated hash rate of latest block uint32
version Daemon version string
synced Is the local daemon synced with network bool
fee_address Fee address of local daemon string
max_block_size Maximum size for new block uint64
max_tx_size Maximum size for new transaction uint64