f block details response

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Name Description Format
major_version Major version of the block uint8
minor_version Minor version of the block uint8
timestamp Time stamp of the block uint64
prev_hash Block hash of the previous block string
nonce Nonce of the block uint32
orphan_status Is the block on alternate chain bool
height Height of the block uint32
depth Depth of the block uint64
hash Block hash of the block string
difficulty Difficulty of the block uint64
reward Reward of the block uint64
blockSize Size of the block uint64
sizeMedian Median size size_t
effectiveSizeMedian Effective median size uint64
transactionsCumulativeSize Cumulative size of transactions in block uint64
alreadyGeneratedCoins Number of already generated atomic units string
alreadyGeneratedTransactions Number of transactions since genesis block uint64
baseReward Base reward for the block uint64
penalty Block penalty double
totalFeeAmount Total fee of the block uint64
transactions List of transactions array