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Argument Mandatory Description Format
threshold Yes Value that determines which outputs will be optimized. Only the outputs less than the threshold value will be included into a fusion transaction. uint64
addresses No Array of strings, where each string is an address to take the funds from. array


Argument Description Format
totalOutputCount Total number of unspent outputs of the specified addresses. uint64
fusionReadyCount Number of outputs that can be optimized. uint64


Replace "your_password" and "TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa" in examples with real values from wallet daemon. Password is specified on command-line of wallet daemon, it is not returned by any API method for security reasons. You can get list of valid wallet addresses using getAddresses method.


  • curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json-rpc' -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "estimateFusion", "password": "your_password", "params": {"addresses": ["TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa"], "threshold" : 100000000}, "id": "1"}'